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FAQ - Residential

* Red indicates our service area for Residential customers. 

* Blue (all of PA), indicates service for both commercial and municipal customers only.

It’s recommended to have your septic system pumped every 3-5 years.

Scheduling with us is easy! You can reach us by calling the office or you can fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.

FAQ - Commercial

Yes for commercial and municipal services, we cover all of PA

We can haul sludge, sewer sludge, food waste, and all non-hazardous waste.

Yes! We can create a schedule that works best for you to ensure your system is best taken care of.

We have a range of trucks that span from semi trucks with tanker trailers to smaller dual-axle trucks. No matter the size of the need, we have you covered!

FAQ - Municipal

Yes, for Commercial and Municipal services, we are active all throughout PA. 

We understand that septage emergencies need to be handled quickly and responsibly. We can respond to emergency calls from townships and municipalities in efforts to not only help keep the sewer plant running efficiently, but to keep the residents happy as well.

We ensure that the waste we haul is disposed of in a responsible manner. We haul into our sister company, Keystone Renewable Waste Solutions, where it is then properly treated in an environmentally safe way resulting in 0% of waste going to a landfill. learn more!

We do offer the option to have a sample treated for the percent solids. Once we receive the results back from the lab we will report the findings to the appropriate contact.


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