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    Septic Repair

    Zook Septic’s repair service is tailored exclusively for residential customers! 

    Are you tired of dealing with clogged septic lines causing inconvenient and unpleasant odors in your home? Look no further! Our expert technicians utilize cutting-edge equipment and technology that swiftly diagnose and resolve clogs, ensuring smooth and efficient drainage in no time. 

    We understand the urgency of such issues, which is why we prioritize prompt scheduling, allowing you to regain the comfort and peace of mind you deserve. 

    Trust our reliable service to unclog your septic lines and restore your home’s plumbing system to optimal functionality!

    Septic Pumping

    Regular septic pumping ensures the smooth, efficient functioning of your septic tank, keeping it odor-free and preventing blockages, backups and costly repairs. You are not only saving money but also doing your part in protecting the environment by avoiding any septic leaks that may contaminate the soil and underground water. Let us help you by scheduling your next pumping session. We recommend getting your septic tank pumped every three to five years. Don’t know when it was last done? No worries! This is the perfect time to get it started.

    Residential Septic Inspection

    At Zook’s Septic Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive septic inspections for real estate transactions, township ordinances, or simply for your personal knowledge. 

    Our team of highly experienced professionals understands the importance of a reliable and properly functioning septic system. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can identify hidden problems that may not be immediately apparent. Whether it’s a damaged tank, clogged pipes, or a failing drainfield, we’ll provide you with actionable insights and recommendations for repairs or maintenance. 

    We go above and beyond to deliver accurate and detailed reports, providing you with a comprehensive understanding on your septic system’s condition. Let us handle your septic inspection needs and sure your peace of mind.

    Residential Water-jetting

    High-Pressure Water Jetting Service

    Are you facing challenges with your septic system? We are here to help! Our team has the expertise to solve even the most stubborn of septic issues, whether it be slow water flow or persistent flooding. 

    With the use of high-tech cameras, we can identify the source of the issue and take immediate action to ensure that your septic pipes are clear. Our cutting-edge water jetter can remove any blockages and get your system working like new. 

    Our skilled technicians are equipped with the knowledge to handle any type of septic problem you may have. Don’t let septic issues cause you worry – let us take care of everything so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

    Residential Excavation

    Excavate with confidence! Our professional excavation services are here to cater to all your residential needs, from new septic system installations to repairs and beyond. Whether you’re in need of a reliable team to handle the excavation for your new septic system or require precise digging for septic repairs, our experienced technicians have got you covered. 

    But that’s not all! We’re excited to announce our expanded range of excavation services, offering comprehensive solutions for any digging needs at your home. 

    From foundation work to landscaping projects, trust us to deliver exceptional results with our top-notch equipment and skilled crew. Get started on your excavation journey today!

    Residential Septic Installation

    Septic Installation

    Simplify your septic installation process with our comprehensive turn-key solution tailored exclusively for residential customers! 

    Say goodbye to the headaches of navigating permits, local ordinances, and system requirements. Our expert team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. From conducting site inspections to handling the necessary excavations, we’ve got all your septic installation needs covered. 

    Trust us to take care of the details so you can enjoy a hassle-free and compliant septic system installation that meets all regulations and requirements. Experience peace of mind with our reliable turn-key solution today!

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